Most of us just want to feel LOVED and accepted for who we really are.

Why is it so damn hard? 

CONNECTION is not easy.  It is a skill that has to be learned, practiced, and mastered. 

If you live in a disconnected or contemptuous relationship, EVERYTHING suffers… our health, happiness, work, and your children’s ability to love and be loved in the future.  We all KNOW and studies show that happiness and life fulfillment is completely dependent on the quality of our relationships (as demonstrated by a 75-year long Harvard Research Study).

That warm and fuzzy feeling is totally POSSIBLE to get back.  It is what makes us want to wake up in the morning, excited to start the day, and connect with our loved ones.  The goal of our relationships is to get really good at being our AUTHENTIC selves while being truly in tune with someone else. 

Sounds easy enough, right?

Here are 3 Quick Tips To Get Connected Today:

1.) CHOOSE connection over conflict! 

Focus on what you VALUE in your partner (not what is driving you crazy).

2,) HUG for at least 30 seconds a day to get your happy chemicals flowing.

3.) LET GO of your defenses. 

Go ahead, fight naked and see how easy it is to just be vulnerable 😉

Debbie Cherry, LMFT