The Connected Marriage Course



our promise to you…
Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate Better Than Ever Before.

Connect on a Deeper Level…

Feel the thrill of dating again and enjoy the passion of true intimacy.

Communicate with Confidence…

Build trust by openly sharing your feelings and finally feel heard.

Collaborate with Ease…

Be the most powerful team for your family to thrive.

What’s Included…

>>> 6 ONLINE MODULES (unlimited access)

1.)  Relationship Reboot [Start with a powerful mindset]:  Expectations, Changing Habits, Tips on Success in Marriage, Getting Clarity, Overcoming Fear, Taking Action

2.)  Listen to Understand [Feel like you are the most important person in the world]:  Listening Skills, Self Soothing Skills, Talking Questions, Listening Positions

3.)  Build Trust with Communication [Be excited to share anything and finally feel heard]:  How to Connect without Words, Verbal Communication Skills, Communication Exercises and Tools, Creating a Safe Place to Talk

4.)  Turn Conflict into Connection [Become closer with every disagreement]: Habits of a Successful Relationship, Mindfulness Exercises, Setting Boundaries, Being Clear with Your Needs, Avoiding Drama, Increasing Compassion

5.)  Similarities and Differences [Create the ultimate sense of belonging and connection]:  embracing differences, accepting faults, reclaiming yourself, learning to love, building trust, coming together, admiration, empathy

6.)  Connect with Authentic Intimacy [Enjoying the thrill of being a powerful team]:  connect on every level, become a powerful team, deep emotional and physical intimacy, sexuality and intimacy exercises, the tools to your maintaining success


How it works…  You will have access to these modules forever.  Each module contains videos, PDFs, and exercises to get you connecting and communicating quickly.  The material is the BEST information based on my 20 years as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Infant Mental Health Specialist, all the MOST important research, and my husbands fun relationship coaching techniques.  The videos are both Ray (husband/Relationship Coach) and myself… which most couples LOVE because you get the male/female perspective to create this transformational course.  Each week is about an hour of content, and ongoing 24/7… moment to moment exercises and goals for you to really make some changes that stick!



  • I will talk with one or both of you by phone to discuss your goals, biggest struggles, and give you feedback how to get unstuck once and for all.
  • You will get total clarity on what you need to do to create the connection, trust, and intimacy that you want.
  • You will have specific action steps to start to turn things around immediately!



  • You can join our SECRET FB group for ongoing support from like-minded couples working to create and maintain a marriage that they love!
  • Make changes that STICK with consistent attention and focus on your goals.
  • Ask us anything in the group, anytime!

Start Connecting Today!

Yes Please!

My husband and I have been feeling so close and doing really well! I’m so grateful that we found you guys and your course. I will be recommending your program. I found the “Standing up for yourself without being a jerk” video very helpful. I’ve been asking for more help from my spouse and almost requiring it. My husband has been super attentive… I feel like I am getting everything that I wanted for us together from working on this program.

My guy has been spending so much more time with our daughter and I than he normally would….he’s always trying to work more and I’m always trying to get him to spend more time with us. In being the partner that I want… it’s causing him to WANT to be home and I do not even have to ask for it. Because I’m being more kind, compassionate, and generous towards him- he’s doing it in return to me.
He asks me to cuddle with him now!! He comes to find me just so he can give me a kiss! We are having much more physical contact…30 second hugs and great kissing. It’s just been growing from there.

Because we feel closer- we are having more sex! He’s initiating it so much more and being more sexual with me -like grabbing my butt when he walks by me in the kitchen, telling me I am beautiful, and wanting to play. I feel included and loved by him during intimate times.

My husband is having more conversations with me. Telling me about his day and sharing with me what is frustrating him and what he is excited about.

I doing a much better at really listening to him and focusing my whole attention on what he is saying, and he is noticing much more often when I seem upset and genuinely wants to hear what is going on with me. He’s making time to listen to me.

I’m flabbergasted that so much change can happen by ONE of us applying these principles… I didn’t realize that I was contributing to the problem in such a massive way. Thank you so much!

I just want to reassure you guys who are starting this program – that you are on the right track. There is hope and help. Ray and Debbie are caring, safe and special people who have the heart and tools to help you turn your marriage around. You are in the right place, keep pushing towards the relationship that you desire. You are going to get there! All the best to each of you ♡

- Tiffany

You guys and this program have saved our marriage!

Eric and I have had so much going on these past few months, I’m not sure if we would have made it out still together if it weren’t for this program!

The program has helped us communicate with each other, listen, and react better.

We’re looking forward to the “grads” community and staying connected with all of you!!

- Stephanie & Eric

I know Matt and I have the tools for the marriage we truly desire!

I think my favorite part of the program was the Marriage Mission Statement. When you can really allow yourself to dream about your ideal marriage, and then speak that truth every day, you will start to see changes. Hold that vision for yourself and your partner because you both deserve it!!! It works if you work it! When we apply the tools we’ve learned, our marriage is nourished in huge ways! And we are worth it!  We really appreciate you and Ray!!

- Jenna & Matt

If You Are Ready To...

  • Connect and communicate better than ever before

  • Stop the never-ending fights

  • Cultivate Fearless Intimacy & Unbreakable Trust

  • Tell each other anything and finally feel heard

  • Regain your confidence and build a passionate relationship

  • Unleash each other’s most authentic selves in and out of the bedroom

  • Empower each other, and create peace in your home

  • CONQUER your fears and defenses so that you can feel completely alive

Just click the link below and you can sign up easily from there and book your private session.  You will get an email with your login information and intrusions on how to join the secret Life On The Grow community.

Talk to you soon!

I Am Ready To Connect!