Special tools are not necessary for practicing gratitude — the real change must come from the inside out, but for all of us busy yet good intentioned folks… here are a few apps and websites that specialize in gratitude.

gratitude robots

Gratitude Journal:  Featured on Oprah and NPR… this app keeps you on track with automatic reminders, allows you to rate your day from 1 to 5 stars, list several things that you’re grateful for, share and sync, and attach a photo if you want.  You are even rewarded with an inspirational quote delivered by a cute cartoon monk figure!
Gratitude Stream: This app is my personal favorite because it allows you to share your positive feelings with the rest of the world, and you can even follow the worldwide stream of thankful thoughts.
Live Happy Now: An app based on clinically-proven tools for increasing happiness, including goal setting, expressing gratitude to others via text or email, replaying happy days, keeping a savoring photo album, envisioning your best possible self, nurturing relationships, and remembering acts of kindness.
Gratitude Journal 365: This one challenges users to create daily entries for a year, and it is a free simple to use journal app that allows for multiple entires per day.

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Debbie Cherry, LMFT