We all have heard by now the power of gratitude and we all know we should do more of it. Here are some simple, practical, and realistic ways you can integrate this practice into your life.

1.) Keep a gratitude journal
(regularly writing brief reflections on moments that we are thankful for can significantly increase well-being and life satisfaction)
2.) Give at least one compliment a day  (focus on the positive traits in others and pay it forward)
3.) Practice gratitude rituals in your life and with your children
(some couples like to end each day with telling each other a specific thing they appreciate about each other that day & some families like to make a “gratitude jar” and fill it each day with a note about what they are grateful for that day)


Wanna know more?
Check out the research on “Why Gratitude Is Good” from the Greater Good in Action: The Science of a Meaningful Life of University of California at Berkeley.

Debbie Cherry, LMFT