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You really can learn the skills to truly communicate, connect, and cultivate relationships that you absolutely love!

In 15 years of working as a marriage therapist, I have seen so many couples and families grow, heal, and experience new levels of happiness. We work with couples with young children to improve their communication, trust, and and connection. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an Early Childhood Mental Health specialist, I will help guide, support, and challenge you to grow in your relationships.  Ray will bring the motivation and accountability from his experience as a Relationship Coach.  We are passionate about helping others experience all the love, freedom, and belonging that everyone deserves.

We would love to help you and your family create amazing relationships.

We work with clients to improve their marriage every day. As your marriage coach, we will collaborate on the best plan for you to meet your goals.  We have a ton of experience and tools to share with you that you can run with to create the marriage you want. We truly believe that the client is the “expert” in their life, and the counselor/coach is there to support, share expertise, and challenge new ways of thinking.

“I have been working with Debbie and Ray for a few months and appreciate their wise feedback.  They talk to me in a way that is supportive and challenging at the same time”

individual Client

“The therapy relationship accounts for why clients improve
or fail to improve – as much as the particular treatment method”

(The National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices)


Just two years ago, we decided to live our DREAM LIFE – NOW. We changed everything, moved to the beach to focus on family and what we really wanted to do with our lives.  We decided to combine forces and use the best of both of use to create programs and services to really HELP couples quickly.

We have been married over 10 years and have had our ups and downs too, but that IS normal and a part of any long term relationship as you will learn when working with us.  We are loving raising our little guy and two dogs here in Florida!


Proven Methods We Use:

• Imago Relationship Therapy  (committing to grow and heal)

• Gottman Method  (increasing affection, closeness, and respect)

• Narrative Therapy  (looking at the stories we tell ourselves)

• Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy  (expanding emotions for intimacy)

• Positive Psychology  (focusing on progress rather than pathology)

Life On The Grow Practice

We have found that clients thrive in a therapeutic environment that supports growth, authenticity, and flexibility.   We prefer to use a wellness model rather than a medical model.  The goal of the work will be to improve, heal, and empower you to live your best life.  We focus on what is best for the client and encouraging each client to take an active role in the process.  We prefer to get on the phone for a free call to help you get clear on what you need, and then discuss what services will best fit your situation.  To see more about frequently asked question, please visit the FAQ page here. We truly love the work that we do and are happy to discuss any questions that you may have.



-Masters in Counseling from USC, LA
-Marriage & Family Therapist in CA, TX, & FL
-Infant Mental Health Specialist/Endorsement
-Bachelors in Psychology & Biology, SWTU
-Credentialed Early Intervention Specialist
-Certified Elementary & Middle School Teacher

-Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
-American Counseling Association
-American Psychological Association
-American Telemedicine Association
-Association for Infant Mental Health
-World Association for Infant Metal Health

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